Simple Remedies for sun poisoned skin: Your quick EHBO to help sooth the Skin

IT IS SUMMER TIME!!!!! Everyone is enjoying those hot summer days. We all want to have that hot, steamy and sun-kissed glow to look fabulous during those special nights out.

Setting that goal to look summer amazing we always tent to forget how important it is to protect our skin.  Simple SPF-remedies don’t usually do the trick anymore. Times have changed. The sun seems to reek a lot more havoc on our skin. While taking those nice sun-baths we are still unaware of what is going on underneath our skin-tissue.

We only notice extreme symptoms of skin poisoning long after we are out of the sun, so what can we do to balance our skin back to good health? What should you know about sun poisoned skin and what should you keep in mind when avoiding such a painful experience.

Damaged skin is the worst!

Compare your skin with the wall of a fence.  All the bricks are layered correctly on top of each other to create a barrier and protect the rest of your house from unwanted guests. A healthy skin is like that wall. The skin structure contains irregular layers of tissue that are solely designed to protect the body from stress and strain. As shown in the image you noticed everything is in place, and helps maintain the balance of a healthy skin.

But what happends when your skin is damaged y the sun without any protection?

As you can see, in the left image, unprotected skin gets burned and becomes unstable. The balance is disrupted by external rays or radiation if the skin hasn’t been protected by preventive remedies we use to maintain its strength.

So when its mentioned to someone to have skin poisoning we are discussing symptoms that involve third degree sunburn. Fair and light skin are usually the victims of sunburn and are more likely prone to be damaged the most by sun rays.

Sun kissed symptoms

There isn’t much difference to tell about this subject. Just the simple information that fever and blisters are not the favorites to have when our skin is damaged this severely. Especially here in our summer heat we have one more symptom that can have us stay indoors for a few weeks. Because of the sunburn we get severe cold with very unpleasant signs. In most cases the cold is triggered by the rapid change of cold and wet weather to extreme heat. And if you forget to have a balance diet  or rest well enough, the heat becomes your worst enemy.

Preventive remedies from the inside – out

There are some simple tricks for less to avoid being sunburned when hitting the beach. here are already so many remedies you can choose from so I would like to share my own tips and tricks with you:

  • Drink lots of water. It starts as soon as you get out of bed. Hydrate the body from within by drinking between 500 – 1000 ml of water. This doesn’t just work as a detox, but helps the skin hydrated true-out the day. Be sure to keep drinking water true-out the day.
  • Lubricate the skin. If your skin is sensitive to certain creams try to find one that organic moisturizers that are rich with Vitamin C and E and SPF. These vitamins can provide the body with necessary anti-burn additives that help maintain the skins texture. Don’t forget that during the day you may need to rub our skin again with such a cream in order for it to stay protected from the sun.
  • Cooling down. Usually you won’t notice your skin being sunburned until a few hours after you came out the sun. Take a nice cool (not cold) bath to help  regulate your skin temperature
  • Eat healthy stay healthy. This may become more than just our motto here at “Boeba”. When the body is strong it is able to ware of unwanted symptoms that will weaken your body.

At home remedies

You know me. I may start a little lab here at home to brew up some inventive creams, and oils to help keep your sin glowing. This might be a future business venture to consider.

But I can’t help leaving you without a simple diy you an make yourself when you noticed having sunburn symptoms. Remember that honey. This is your new best friend.

  • Honey contains anti-inflammatory additives that help sooth the skin. No medical science has up till now succeeded in making a duplicate of such a powerful remedy.
  • Aloe Vera pulp is pure and soothing to calm the skin
  • Olive Oil contains antioxidants that help heal damaged skin faster
  • Simple cool pack can also the trick

Skin is still skin

It does not matter if you are a man or women, skin is still the same. Its protection, nutrition and hydration is overall still as important no matter which skin color nor texture. Summer can be less painful if you mind taking care of yourself. We have some local oils that help heal our skin faster. Stay tuned since those will be a few future posts to inform you about. I would love to know what your experiences are with sunburn, and what remedies did you use to heal your skin.






  • shalisha alston

    Thank you for this article. I see going into the sun without any kind of protection as turning my skin into leather. I honestly hate the sun and never go in it (I stay in the shade). I never knew the importance of going out with any kind of sunscreen on because I avoid the sun. But I still need skin protection. Thank you again.

    • Serafin

      Usually when the skin is darker we don’t really notice even our skin being burned by the sun.
      But no matter what skin color the protection is still the same.
      I am happy to have helped in some way.


  • CNGoodwin

    This is a really informative article, thank you for sharing. I will keep this in mind for our next hot periods, as I suffer with my children after a family day outdoors or even when they are at school.

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