Medicinal uses for Chamomile: A salon’s secret weapon

‘A, not such a, long time ago I enjoyed helping clients on a regular basis with their needs to look extra special. Some clients even called late in the afternoon, after closing hours, for an emergency consult to look their extra best for a special event or date. I always had a “20 Minute Facial” ready for them so they would not feel like their beautician didn’t have a solution for their little dilemma.

My favorite treatment was always using chamomile in either my facials, mani pedi’s or the best one of all waxing. Both men and women were always shocked at the results of what such a little sweet scented flower can change in just a short amount of time.

As always I love to share this with you, and hope it will be as useful for those special “stress relief” moments we talked about in my previous article.

Short recap on an Old Tale

To understand the mystery behind the remedy lets recap on what Chamomile is again.

Chamomile or camomile is the overall name for several kinds of daisy-like flowers that posses’ health benefits providing a wide array of naturally organic but gentle solutions. Two of these flowers are used for several purposes like herbal infusions, tea or special supplements to name a few. According to several medicinal sources research has shown it to have healing benefits used for several medicinal conditions such as insomnia, anxiety of depression. It has also proven to be quite useful in skin conditions. Now this is the area that is right up my ally.

When discussing the topic on medicinal herbs I may not know all the medicinal, atomic or scientific terms or chique latin names. Here we use a simple term..we use our “guts”. And when we feel it is a right herb, well then by golly it’s a right herb. Anyway I’m getting sidetracked.

Medicinal characteristics of a Wonder Herb in Skincare

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Whenever a client entered my salon I always observed their skin. I may be a little out of shape, but I can still read a thing or two about a client’s/person’s overall mood. Your skin is like a map. As a beautician you learn to read the really fine lines of a skin structure. The human body is an amazing mechanism. When it is damaged and is acing special herbs, like chamomile, can help sooth the skin from inflammation.

  • Acne soothing treatment

The flower is one of my top herbs I always had in stock when treating customers who suffered from simple to extreme acne. I will explain my remedy when you read a little further in this article. It might me mind-blowing as they say in Bollywood…LOL.

  • Antiseptic

My third reason for Chamomile to be always on standby, is when I had clients with an extremely sensitive skin. I had once treated a client who begged for a micro-dermabrasion treatment. Her skin was flawless and glowing so I asked her why she would really need such a treatment. She said she always wanted to try it.

I mentioned that due to the temperature outside (it was one of those hot tropical summer days then) it may not be a good idea to do such a treatment at broad daylight. I was so different back then. If a client would ask me now, I would refuse on the spot, and rechedule the appointment for at night. I did it anyway. Her skin became inflamed and showed small signs of cracks. Off course it burned..but not for long. I immediately patted her skin with chamomile water, and left it on her face until I noticed her skin settling down.

The chamomile worked as an antiseptic, and stopped the cracking of the skin. I immediately stopped the entire treatment, and gave her face a soothing pure chocolate facial mask. When the mask was peeled off it was like her skin never cracked and her face felt cool and smooth to the touch. She was happy, and as a young beautician… I have learned my lesson. This is how you gain experience and you grown at your job.

These are some medicinal uses such a tiny flower had in my salon. Off course there are so many more but these were my top 3 reasons for having this readily available. (Yeah…I miss that job. I just have to say it)

A salon’s secret weapon

NOW….HERE IS MY REVEAL! That is off course for those who have never tried it like this before. What made the flower such a useful tool in my hand were for the following remedies

The trick was always to use fresh dried flowers. I never cooked them for to long in a pot of water. Just to keep the strength of it’s herbal power intact. After that I left it for a few hours. The longer it stayed in water, the stronger it became. When done I always had my ice cube racks ready and placed¬† the herbal water in the FREEZER.

YES!!! This is how strong the remedy was. Because the cooling effect of frozen chamomile stopped even the most severe irritation. HOWEVER,!!! Mind you!! I only did the ice-cold herbal treatment for several purposes like herbal mani pedi’s for weak nails and waxing. Whenever someone waxed with a very sensitive skin, a cold cloth was placed on all the areas where the skin was inflamed. No one ever left with marks on their skin.

For acne facial treatments I specifically used warm water. From the beginning till the end I treated every acne skin as sterile as possible. I made sure every time the skin needed to be washed I used the Chamomile tea  brewed from the flowers. Acne skin tires very quickly, because the skin is completely out of balance. So my remedy was to sooth it and make it rest while under my care.

DIY Remedies

You will become familiar with me being a GIVER. Or a spoiler. I still love spoiling people with some tips and tricks on, in this case, using your Chamomile flowers.

I have already given you the “cooling tip” on freezing your herbal tea as ice cubs. Whenever you have a wound or any kind of burning sensation from maybe a bite of a bee it can be a quick remedy of relief before treating the skin with the necessary medicine.

  • Cleansing Oil

You know how cleansing oils are now a very hot item all over the world right. Well pure extracted Chamomile oil is an amazing soothing oil when using it to help the skin relax.

  • If you can find an organic soap with charcoal in it use that to wash all the dirt from your skin. Charcoal is a very neutral remedy. Pat dry the skin..Please be gentle. You have only one skin..YES BOYS/MEN!! YOU TOO!
  • Take a small portion of the cleansing oil and rub it on your skin. In my next article I will teach you a few tips and tricks how to massage your face properly.
  • Leave it for 10 – 15 min, and than wash/pat with warm water.
  • Use your preferred night creme. Especially when it’s a dehydrating night creme.

This is just a quick 10 – 20 min relaxing remedy.

Nature’s inexpensive way to help

Need I say more. Nature spoils us with solutions that are sustainable and trustworthy. And don’t they always smell amazing. I experiment a lot with organic and holistic ideas. Chamomile is no exeption. Let me know if you are familiar with the remedies, and what you have come up with when using chamomile. I love to learn from you to.

See u in the comment box.






    • Serafin

      Absolutely great to have a herbal lawn Vicky.
      I am very glad I was able to give you some insight on its use. Hope it will help as well.


  • Patty

    Great post. I had no idea about all the health and medicinal benefits that Chamomile has. I always thought It was just for Tea.
    I especially love the DIY remedies here for treating bites. Thats just brilliant. Being a mum, Im more inclined to go for natural remedies rather than the chemical based products that are out there.
    Thank you for sharing

    • Serafin

      Absolutely. We moms have to stick together right.
      Just pat a nice cold chamomile on the skin where the bite is and let it sit for a few minutes.
      If it still aces a little bit of pure honey on the spot will go a long way. Or just to be safe (since honey attracts a
      bigger bite) you can use Vaseline or cocoa butter.

      You are most welcome.

    • admin

      Hi Janice.
      I’m glad to have added some more insight on such a small but diverse flower.
      If you may have any suggestions on other topics I would love to hear more from you.

      Have a great day


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