Fruits for a Healthy Skin – A Major tool for a Better Life

You can never stress enough on how important fruits are for a healthy skin. In our day to day life we are always in a rush. And we tend to want easier ways out and grab a simple juice, thinking that is just the right amount of proteins for the entire day. Sorry to bust your bubble but your body does not work like that. In fact It demands 24/7 care. And since we all are living in the fast lane to get things done, we forget the one most important engine to helps us live another day…our body.

Whatever we consume our skin reflects. If you are one of the lucky ones who won the lottery from the gene pool it doesn’t mean you still eat whatever you like. Your skin needs the right proteins to function as your biggest protection against any unwanted particle that might damage your health. Remember your skin is still the first line of defense.

The importance of Fruits for the Skin

It may seem like singing an old tune, but it is always informative and educational to repeat the importance of eating fruits. In every opinion yo will always fin new ideas that help you improve your health.

Some major reasons fruits should always be part of your diet are:

  1. Fruits help maintain the strength in your skin and can slow the process of wrinkles over time
  2. We all know they posses special antioxidants that help the skin defend against radical oxidants that can affect your body in a negative way
  3. Eating the right fruits also builds up a better immune system, and a stronger body
  4. Even skin gets tired, so it needs to be rejuvenated on a regular basis. By eating the right fruits this can help you maintain a better and healthier skin
  5. Fruits are not just for a healthy skin, but with their vitamins maintain the efficient functionality of the body like your eyes and hair

Efficient tips on consumption

As mentioned in my introductory drinking a simple juice is usually not the healthiest way to feed your skin with the right antioxidants and vitamins. I have also noticed that many people consume their fruits after they have had their breakfast, lunch or diner.

We assume that just cutting the fruit in pieces and eating it bit by bit is as easy as “walking down the stairs”. I know it’s a weird comparison. But if you haven’t found out the right way to consume your fruits for a healthy skin then you have come to the right place to start learning “The How to”:

  • Always eat your fruits before any meal. By doing so you give your body the opportunity to detox unwanted oxidants in the body an skin
  • Make sure the wait a few minutes for the stomach to consume it. This increases your appetite while also increasing your energy

Two simple tips right? But the impact goes far beyond such a simple action.

By making this a part of your daily routine your body and skin build up a stronger foundation to maintain

  • Healthier hair: continues pigmentation helps the hair keep its shine
  • It helps avoid dark circles under your eyes
  • Fruits also help you stay in tune with your wellness. You feel a lot happier and less prone to nervousness
  • You ensure sustainability, better health, high energy and are able to maintain a healthy weight


Best top 5 fruits

There are some power houses of fruits that help give your skin that extra glow. Especially since it is now summer we all want to look our best:

  • Kiwi. This little fruit is small in size, but large in empowering your body and skin. It is a great source of vitamins. Posesses great quantities of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E and twice the amount of Vitamin C found in an apple.
  • Orange. Eating fresh oranges twice a day helps strengthen the body from illness such as that annoying cold we always fight with. It has the right ingredients to lower your cholesterol and can also help avoid build-ups of kidney stones.
  • Watermelon. The best refreshing fruit in the world. It is like solid red colored water that is just perfect for a hot summer day. Made 92% of water this fruit is explodes of glutathion, a substance that helps maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Papaya. A fruit enriched with fibers it is clearly one of the major winners in having a high Vitamin C content. Papaya also has loads of carotene that help maintain good eye-sight.
  • Coconut. Here I am not just talking about the flesh but also its watery content. Coconut water is enriched with anti-microbials also know as lauric acids that help the skin against anti-aging and skin infections 

A few extra tips to keep in mind

It is always a good idea to try to consume an entire fruit. It is always a better and healthier remedy for your body and skin.

When drinking juice, make sure they are freshly squeezed with no extra unwanted ingredients like sugar. Since fruits already have sugars you are creating a sugar overload in the body

Be carefull when eating cooked fruits. They don’t really add any value to your diet other than the fact that they just taste good.

A useful way to cleanse the body is to try a 3-day fruit diet. Consume only freshly squeezed fruits for this period and you will be amazed how glowing and healthy your skin will look.

Don’t forget to chew…YES..chew. All those fibers are easier to digest when you chew your fruits.

Good Health starts with “Commitment”

Even if this may seem repetitive to some it all boils down to this. Fruits have always contributed to a healthier lifestyle, healthier body and healthier skin. To start living healthy you need to maintain the best and positive mind-set and just go for it.

It will ever take too much of your time. You can always take a fruit with you when your on the go, and it will surely make you feel like a better and stronger person at the en of every day.





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