Detox cleanse for the Skin: Super food in a bottle

As we age we become aware of our skin loosing its glow, becoming dull, show signs of slow to rapid aging (depending on your skin type) or worst our skin starts to show different signs of skin irritations we have never had before. You all know what I am talking about, right?

So what do we do? Well best options, maybe start exercising more, or we vigorously start changing our diets in the hope for our body to recover the much needed additives that kept our skin so tight and young as it used to be. What if we were able to detox and cleanse our skin, in order for it to rejuvenate in a way that we can age beautifully. If there only was a super food we can use in a single little bottle. Like a genie ready to “poof away” all those unwanted symptoms we are so not used to have on our once “ageless” skin.

Well… I am happy to say I may have discovered a little Ponce de Léon and his Fountain of Youth. What is so special about this little bottle and its comrades. Its characteristics possess the sole purpose of detox cleansing the skin while providing that oh so desired super food we can’t find in our daily food to keep long enough on the skin for it to keep its healthy glow.

Let me introduce you to your power-pack of youthful salvation called Elemis Superfood Facial Wash, Elemis Superfood Day Elemis Superfood Product LineCream Elemis Superfood Night Cream and last but not the least Elemis Superfood Facial Oil.

Why call it Super Food?

Remember the trip to the dietitian who helps you maintain a balanced diet. You strenuously or even religiously (let’s keep it on the positive streak) abide by the diet rules in the hope your skin will revitalize. But after a few weeks keeping a special diet you notice your skin hasn’t recovered fast enough. I am so not against the term “diet”. I like to call it a balanced meal. But eating healthy as we all already know isn’t mostly the only thing we need.

Danger and attack on our skin from every corner

Most of the damage our skin faces comes from our closes surroundings. Gasses, heat waves from the sun, toxins, chemicals to name a few or the unwanted and unsuspected criminals influencing the balance of our skin. Most people don’t really feel that a routine facial wash or a day and night cream, let alone a special concentrated oil like the Elemis Facial Oil would do any good to their skin.

And that is exactly why we should use them. The Elemis product line is an exceptional range that is jam-packed with key supplements we don’t eat on a regular basis in our diet. So why call them a Super Food skincare line? Hmmmm. Let’s see the list of components for just the Facial Oil:

  • Daikon Radish
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Flax Seed
  • Broccoli
  • Maccademia oil
  • Rose hip Oil

And all of these supplements can be found in one tiiiiiny bottle. Convinced? Not entirely??? Super!! I Love a client that likes to know what he or she gets for their personal investments. So let’s see how this little bottle works shall we?

Each essence broken down

I can explain every before mentioned product in this Super food line. But as you know facial oils are THE trending wave for 2018. Everyone fashion-minded client wants any kind of facial oil in their summer bag to help boost that desired youthful glow.

But I bed you are a customer who just wants to stay healthy, and maintain a balance in which, as I mentioned, you can age gracefully. So why would you want to use the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil?

Let’s break down the sole purpose of its main ingredients:

  1. Daikon Radish: This root from Chinese descent adds the mutch needed Vitamin Cs, zinc and phosphorus to your skin. These will serve as a special addition in helping the skin fight back against those pimples, acne, dryness and rashes.
  2. Rice Bran Oil: A very useful remedy for dry skin. This oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that work soothing when the skin becomes irritated or shows signs of redness. After application the oil usually leaves the skin fully hydrated, soft and smooth to the tough.
  3. Flax Seed: A powerful remedy for over-sensitive skin that is prone to suffers from chronic conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema to name a few. The flax seed contains fatty acids that act as an anti-inflammatory barrier to sooth and balance the skin back to good health.
  4. Broccoli: If you don’t like eating broccoli, well than just use this remedy to sooth your skin. Its richness in fibers, variety of vitamins such as A, B, C and several other proteins such as potassium are a powerful combination to help strengthen the skin. It is a great source of healthy properties to fight against certain kinds of cancers and helps the skin heal when wounded. In short, it encouraged skin elasticity.
  5. Macadamia Oil: Now this is exactly what you maybe looking for if you prefer a regenerating substance. Macadamia Oil contains that oh so valuable Omega 9 fatty acid with its sole benefits to help regenerate, moisturize and also soften the skin.
  6. Rose hip Oil: You may call this the ER for skin-damage. Its antioxidants come in handy when the skin has been damaged by spots or wrinkles. You notice when getting older that your skin becomes not just dull but starts to discolor. This organic oil helps maintain your fresh and youthful look.

All of these ingredients are according to medical- and food specialists considered to be categorized in the super food section. Combine all of them together in an amazing and powerful serum and you get the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil.

Facial Oil key benefits

So…now you just got a mouthful of what this special facial oils key ingredients are. OK..with all this power food combined what benefits will it have for your skin? I think I have guided your mind in the right direction:

  • The skin is helped to stay hydrated and fed with the right fatty acids
  • The skin will stay protected, soft and smooth and
  • Most importantly your skin complexion is balanced with a healthy and fresh glow
  • And best off all it is suitable for all skin types

No fuss & easy to use

Consumers are a lot more conscious about buying a product than they were ages go. So now being informed about its powerhouse properties the next step is how to use it. And I don’t think just smearing it like a frosted cake on your face is the right way to go off course.

The best about facial oils is the concentration of their content. Because the strength of all ingredients become a powerful combination there is never any need to splatter the oil all over your face. Because it’s not an oil, and definitely not a day or a night cream.

Simply massage 3-4 drops of the oil directly on the skin. You may use it mornings and evenings before or after you’ve applied your daily moisturizer. My advice..use before you apply your moisturizer. Why? Simply because a daily moisturizer locks in all proteins needed to keep the skin healthy and smooth. And the sole purpose of every moisturizer is to protect the skin against…THE SUN.

Your every day ER-kit

Haven’t you noticed the temperature rising dangerously these last few years. Now more than ever we need to keep our skin safe. It is the most important barrier and our first line of defense.

Choosing for a product like the Elemis Facial Oil your choice is officially an organic choice of lifestyle. I would so love to share my experience with you about such a wonderful product. Let’s catch up in the comments below, and hare your experience or share any skincare experience with us. are never left out. I will surely spoil you with your perfect kit the next time we meet here at “Boeba”






    • Serafin

      Hi Shalisha,

      It is pretty normal for a skin to “get use to a routine”. We women change in genetics every 7 years. So this is also the same for our skin.
      When a product no longer works it can indicate your body needs a fresh set of perspectives. The Facial Oil I just mentioned is such a product.
      However do make sure to also use the same line of facial wash, and please protect your skin with a daily moisturizer and night cream. Don’t forget when we sleep that’s when your skin really works. Its making new skin cells, and if the kin is damaged or out of balance it becomes dry, peels and burns.
      This is because the skin isn’t clean enough so it builds the new cells under a damaged layer that isn’t properly cleaned.

      When you have the time can you send me a picture of your skin and mail it to

      Take care of your Boeba Shalisha
      Keep me posted on your progress.

    • Serafin

      Thank you Nigel for your feedback. I’m glad the site approves. Still a long way to go, but I’m energized and excited to get there.



  • Danielle Packer

    I am all about that natural living especially when it comes to what I put on my face, your site has helped me understand why these oils are so good for our skin I definitely want to try one out.

    • Serafin

      I’m more than happy to be of service Danielle.
      Please let me know how it has helped you. I would so much love to hear everyone’s feedback on the product.



  • Dwyan Anthony Alford

    A very well written article. It is just amazing how the superfoods / super-seeds is good for almost everything. And Broccoli, who would have thought that broccoli would be a major ingredient here. The power of the plant kingdom is again highlighted here in your post by the main ingredients you listed in this facial oil. There is a famous saying- let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. I believe in this very strongly and I am always looking for remedies that are plant based. Just as this oil and its ingredients are great for the skin, we should also eat foods that can help with this problem because obviously you can also eat some of these ingredients and they have a beneficial effect for your overall health. Love your post!

    • Serafin

      I’m very excited by your feedback Dwayne. Thank you.
      And I couldn’t agree more. I have just recently switched my diet to eating more raw vegetables and fruits like cucumber and tomatoes.
      It’s amazing how light and alert you feel by just detoxing in your diet. Many people have already noticed my loss of access weight, and my skin is looking a lot brighter.
      I’m sure you will become a regular reader, because here at Boeba we promote organic lifestyle and wellness.

      See you soon

  • Joe Powell

    You really give a full description of the product and its benefits.
    At the bottom you indicate that next time you will spoil us guys with the perfect kit. Does that mean that this product is not for men, as well?


    • Serafin

      Hahahaha..Nice observation Joe. As mentioned it’s for all skin types including men’s skin
      But I am familiar with some men who prefer to have a posts specially written on skincare for them. So it’s not just the product.


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